Moving Into Your New Apartment?
Here are 5 things you should do…

Now that you’ve chosen your new place, and you are ready to move, right? Good! However, here are 5 things it’s best you do when moving!

📌 Reach out to both your current and new landlord about your plan to move

Except you owe your current landlord and plan to run away, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t inform him/her about your move. Or how do you intend to end your tenancy, return keys, and in fact, review your caution fee?

Moreover, contacting your new landlord is necessary for clarity. It is essential to double-check that you haven’t been scammed and your rent is secured before moving in.


📌 Take pictures of everything

Save yourself from unnecessary drama, now or in the future! Take pictures of anything and everything, both in the house you are about to leave and the one you are moving into.

This way, you’ll have proof of damages you have nothing to do with. Trust me, this is one good way to prevent the line ‘But everything was working well before you moved in’ when you make a complaint and also to conserve your caution fee. Works like magic!

📌 Change Door locks

This is considered a basic safety precaution. Imagine someone opens the door you locked right before your eyes in the middle of the night – isn’t that scary? 

The truth is, you’d never know who had access to the apartment before you moved in. Hence, this is why it is essential to replace all existing locks to avoid touching stories.

📌 Leave and move Pest- free 

Aside from how disgusting it is to have rodents and insects lurking around your home, it is not healthy! 

We’d suggest a thorough sanitizing and deep cleaning of both the current and the new apartment. Closets, cabinets, and every corner of the apartment should not be left behind.

This is crucial because no pest is a deserving roommate!

📌 Install smoke detectors 

To ease your worries about your home turning into a suya joint, a smoke detector is a must-have! 

Smoke detectors give warnings of the presence of smoke and as a result, protect against fire outbreaks. If you believe in the saying that prevention is better than cure, then you won’t hesitate to get some of these devices for your new home.

Now that you are ready to move out to your new home, we hope you remember to take note of the tips stated above!

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