Before Calling That Apartment Your New Home…

When house hunting, safety checklists are a must-have as you are about to turn a living space into your abode. Before you decide to call that apartment your new home, always remember that your peace of mind – safety, is the utmost priority.

Safety precautions are a necessary checklist to help figure out and in fact, minimize the potential threats to you and your possessions. Moreover, it is better to find out these potential issues before you move in.

While choosing your next ideal apartment, here are some important factors that are worth considering;


📌 The Neighborhood

Before considering paying for that new place, it is essential to research the surrounding neighborhood. Some important factors to assess are security, electricity, noise and drainage systems.

What do public safety reports say about this environment? You must understand the existing security protocol of not only the intended house but the neighborhood as a whole.

Also, is it a quiet or a rowdy environment? If you are the type who loves a quiet environment, you should never opt for a place near a general market except otherwise.

Besides, a good way to find out more about the neighbourhood is by asking a few existing neighbours these questions and you will be able to gather more information about the area and luckily, the apartment you intend to go for as well.

📌 The location

Here, personal safety is an essential factor to consider. How close is the apartment to the important places you are? How many minutes or hours does it take to go in or out of the intended apartment to these places?

What if your job involves a night shift, is this location favourable for such movement?

How about the basic amenities, are there any health facilities close by? Where do you go in case of an emergency? All these are necessary things to consider about the location.

📌 The building

The first thing to determine about the building is what type it is. Is it an old building, a new one or perhaps a renovated building? Knowing this can guide you to deduce the strength and quality of the building materials.

With the rate of collapsed buildings recently, it is crucial to check out for as many hints as possible. Check around for cracks in the wall, the durability of the doors and the windows, the electrical wire works, the floors, the fence, the gates, the lightning, and the closeness of the next building. Also, check the wall paintings as studies have shown that a bubble, peel or flake can indicate a house prone to flood.

📌 Emergency Exit

This is one of the most overlooked factors! Have you ever wondered how you would escape if there is a crisis and the main exit in the house is blocked? A house without a clear, safe way to evacuate a building in case of disaster is not in any way meant for you! A house without an emergency exit proves to have an inadequate plan, so why will you consider that the best place to call your home?

📌 Payment and Receipt

After all other considerations have been met, this is where you have to be extremely careful. There have been cases where people were duped by the so-called house agents and if not at all, inflated prices. This is why it is advisable to ensure you meet with the Landlord personally and have a full discussion on the tenancy agreement.

Also, after payment has been made, ensure that you collect a receipt. The receipt should prove that you have rights to stay in the apartment, the location, the duration, the amount paid, and the date of payment and must also include your name and of the Landlord.

Before calling that apartment your new home, we hope you remember to take note of the tips stated above!

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