It can be difficult to think clearly in the midst of an emergency or crisis.

Training your brain before you find yourself in a high-pressure situation may help you save a life or potentially help someone in pain.

There are three basic C’s to remember if you find someone or a loved one in an emergency — check, call, and care.


📌 1. Check

Check means checking for anything unsafe.  Check the scene before entering it. Check If the emergency is surrounded by danger, or if assistance may be needed.

Next check if the victim is breathing. Check for any other helpful information.


📌 2. Call

In emergency situations, it’s important to call for help immediately. As a first responder, act right away to get help from professionals by sending an Alarrt.

Inspect the scene, gather needed information, and provide correct information to responders as soon as possible.


📌 3. Care

After checking the scene and calling for help, provide care until medical professionals arrive on the scene. Monitor the victims breathing. You may need to stop bleeding if there is any by applying pressure or performing CPR (If you can). 


Remember, rushing into a scene without taking in present dangers may lead to more harm for yourself or others!

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Stay Safe On The Go

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